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We answer the most interesting questions in Sport.

We take analysis of sport into a completely different league. Through a combination of innovation and critical thought, we make the best sporting predictions in the world.


We are data specialists. We consume information on every aspect of a sporting fixture to provide an unparalleled view of what’s happening on, and off, the pitch.

Sporting Predictions

We combine cutting-edge analytics with our expertise and passion for sport to produce world leading match predictions.

Bet Execution

We are at the heart of an evolving, dynamic, global market. Our bespoke platforms enable us to execute high frequency orders around the clock.


We analyse huge volumes of data in real-time to produce agile and adaptable models. These drive decisions across our business. The problems we solve are complex and require continuous iterations to ensure we remain ahead of the field.


High performance technology underpins our business. We invest heavily in our engineers and the environment they work in to continuously drive us to the next level.

Our distributed messaging systems handle thousands of global events every second to facilitate constant, high frequency betting and analysis.