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Our Roles

Data Engineer

We work in a world where data is king. With every day that passes, we are working with larger and more complicated datasets than we had before. There is no end to level of detail that we are interested in. The challenge that this presents is the management and accessibility of this data.

Our data engineers are in charge of managing this data and building high-performance, scalable streaming pipelines as well as querying platforms and dashboards. It’s a complicated, evolving challenge that combines technological design challenges with a need for resilience and optimisation.

The team work closely with their end users in the Analytics department, as well as around the business, to solve the challenges they’re facing and architect the optimal solution. Maximising the efficiency of platforms hosted in the Cloud is a key consideration and they are driven to implement every part of the solution as code. It’s a constantly developing area which means that our engineers must stay on top of latest developments and ensure our estate remains fit for purpose.

Our Technology Stack