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We love what we do celebrate being part of something special value and respect our people foster innovation and creativity

Who We Are

We love what we do.

We foster an inclusive, supportive culture with ambitious shared goals.

Our people are intelligent, inquisitive and believe in achieving success with integrity and humility.

Our Social Programme

Our charity programme was established to support charitable activities and to promote and encourage workplace philanthropy. Charitable giving is integral to our culture and employee engagement is key to the programme’s success.

We ensure our office is managed as sustainably as possible. All decisions are made considering the impact on the environment, from the coffee suppliers we use to the way we recycle waste.


The Starlizard Charity programme is voted for by our people and supports the causes close to our hearts. Everyone at Starlizard has the ability to significantly help the charities they are passionate about.

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There are four strands to the Starlizard Charity Programme:

Charity of the Year

A company-wide vote on a shortlist of staff-nominated charities chooses our main cause each year. An ambitious fundraising target of £100,000 allows us to make a major impact. We have a calendar of events to involve everyone in the company – bake offs, sweepstakes, sports and more.

Annual Volunteering Leave

Everyone is encouraged to use their annual volunteering day to get hands-on with a cause they support. There are organised opportunities all year round for a range of causes or employees can arrange their own for charities that they care about.

Disaster Relief Fund

Every year we have an emergency fund to support disaster recoveries around the world. The supported causes are nominated by our staff, and we partner with trusted, established aid agencies to ensure the funds are used as effectively as possible.

Departmental Giving Programme

Our DGP provides staff with a unique opportunity to be fully exposed to the world of philanthropy. Our staff are responsible for shortlisting and selecting the charities for grants. They then work with the charities on grant allocation which culminates in a trip to the country to support the project implementation.

Green Lizard

We search for every opportunity to make our environment as sustainable as possible. We work with carefully selected suppliers to ensure that our carbon footprint is minimised.