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Our Specialisms

DevOps Engineer

Our DevOps Engineers work in a technologically demanding team that covers wide areas of our estate.

The team work on strategic projects to advance our adoption of new technologies, as well as optimising our existing platforms. Automated deployments and increasing our coverage of IaC (infrastructure as code) is a continual focus for the team in order to streamline and secure our entire architecture.

The DevOps world is constantly developing and evolving with new technology, meaning that the team are always focussed on improving our existing stack. Skills development is key for our DevOps Engineers. This ensures we have an experienced, knowledgeable team that leverages the best tech available.

Our annual ‘Engineering Week’ gives everyone within the Technology Team the chance to pitch and then work on projects that aren’t in their backlogs. Exploring new technologies, testing novel ideas and branching beyond your normal remit are all encouraged.  

Our Technology Stack