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Our Specialisms

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineers are the backbone of our Delivery Teams. They work closely with the business to build services and systems that run our day-to-day operations. As the name suggests, our developers work on the full process: architecting and then implementing all parts of the solution.

Our Engineers are aligned with the business on top priorities, following an Agile methodology to solve a continuous stream of complex business and technical challenges. A good understanding of the business operations and strategic objectives, combined with deep technological ability is crucial for our engineers to produce the best solutions to these problems.

All of our Engineers are passionate about technology. They remain on top of the latest developments to ensure that our stack stays up to date. They are given the space to recommend adoption of new tools, architectures and practices to evolve and improve our estate and are encouraged to complete the training necessary to broaden their skills. This includes the SL Engineering Week where they have their freedom to explore their own ideas and interests.

Sharing knowledge  across the delivery teams is fundamental. We encourage alignment across teams on best practices, but we also acknowledge our Engineers need the freedom to implement techniques that are best suited to their solutions.

Our annual ‘Engineering Week’ gives everyone within the Technology Team the chance to pitch and then work on projects that aren’t in their backlogs. Exploring new technologies, testing novel ideas and branching beyond your normal remit are all encouraged.  

Our Technology Stack