Gender Pay Gap Report 2020/21

Who are we?

Starlizard is a highly successful sports betting consultancy, devoting millions of hours to take our understanding of sport into a completely different league.

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference between hourly earnings for men and women regardless of the nature of their work. It is not to be confused with Equal Pay, which ensures men and women who perform similar work or work of equal value are paid the same. The UK gender pay gap is at its lowest level ever (15.5% in 2020) but is still in favour of men. The information below is a snapshot of Starlizard’s Gender Pay Gap for April 2020.

We have a small representation of women at Starlizard making up 7% of the population (a 1% increase from last year) and we recognise that a lack of female leadership in sports betting is an industry wide issue.

We are committed to improving this imbalance by attracting and nurturing female talent within the company.

Pay quartiles are split into four segments from the highest paid (top quartile) to the lowest paid (bottom quartile). Each of these segments show the percentage of men and women who sit within that group. We see more women represented in the bottom quartile. In an effort to change this, we monitor pay on an ongoing basis through our recruitment process, promotion process and our annual compensation review.

Measuring Starlizard’s Gender Pay Gap

Pay Differential between Men and Women (2020)


Mean (Average)

Median (Middle)

Pay Gap



Bonus Gap



The mean is the difference in average hourly pay for women in comparison to men. The median represents the difference in pay at the middle point of the female population in comparison to the male population.

Pay & Bonus

Our mean pay gap is 9%. The median pay gap is 8% meaning for every £1 men earn, women earn an equivalent 92p. Although Starlizard’s pay gap is much less than the UK average (15.5%) we still aim to improve it. The mean bonus gap is 60%. The pay and bonus gaps are due to a number of factors, the most fundamental being:

  • There are fewer female employees in senior positions than men. Bonuses typically increase with the seniority of the role.
  • Approximately 60% of our female population are in functions outside of betting and technology which tend to command higher salaries.


All employees are eligible to be part of the company bonus scheme from day 1 of employment. Bonuses are discretionary and both men and women have equal opportunity to earn them. In 2020, 80% of females and 93% of males received a bonus.

What are we doing to close the gap?

To help close the gap we have a number of actions in place:

  • We set up our Women’s Network in 2017 to offer strong peer support and create positive change in the work environment. This has been an invaluable support for female staff who were working remotely during 2020/21.
  • We have briefed our recruitment partners to focus on diverse candidates, whether there is an open vacancy or not.
  • We are encouraged in our efforts by the fact that our number of new female hires has steadily increased over the last 12 months and we intend to maintain that trend.
  • We constantly review our job specifications to eliminate any non-inclusive language.
  • We provide enhanced maternity benefits to ensure women feel they are supported during maternity leave.
  • We support their return to work by providing flexible working patterns which benefit our employees and the business
  • As part of our People Strategy we are in the process of creating programmes to further support our working parents.
  • We keep up to date with market trends to ensure our benefits and policies continue to be attractive to female staff.


I confirm that the information provided is accurate.

Paul Elworthy, Head of Human Resources

Natalie Smith, Company Director